3rd June 2024

Kirkstall Brewery has launched a new beer, “Makibiru”, a lager brewed in collaboration with the team behind Maki & Ramen, available on draught exclusively in its restaurants, with its own branded glass.

Maki & Ramen, which was founded in Edinburgh, currently operates eight restaurants in England and Scotland, and its recent opening in Leeds provided the opportunity for the two companies to work together on a collaborative brand partnership for its house lager.

Ian Galbraith, Kirkstall’s Managing Director, said at the product’s launch: “We are honoured and excited to be partnering with everyone at Maki & Ramen on the launch of Makibiru. It’s a great opportunity and a collaboration that we are really proud of.”

The launch also marked Kirkstall’s first major break into the Scottish market, where it now has the beer pouring on draught in two cities.

Michael Salvador, COO of Maki & Ramen, said “This is more than a business endeavour; it’s about establishing meaningful partnerships with influential leaders in the industry, like Kirkstall Brewery. Together, we are expanding our reach, redefining excellence, and creating memorable experiences for our customers.”

Makibiru is a 4% ABV lager, brewed to be vegan-friendly and gluten-free to ensure it is accessible to as many dietary needs as possible, a shared value held by both companies.

Chris Hall, Kirkstall’s Brand Manager, said: “Makibiru is brewed to give a gentle sweetness that enhances the rich flavour and spicy punch, while the beer’s floral, hoppy notes merge perfectly with the ramen’s fragrant aroma.”

“The crisp finish helps cleanse the palate and freshen you up to get the same great flavour as the first mouthful every time! Best of all, our vegan-friendly Makibiru is also gluten-free, meaning you’ve got more room for ramen!”

Makibiru Lager is now pouring on draught in the following Maki & Ramen restaurants:

  • Bond Street, Leeds
  • York Street, Manchester
  • Fountainbridge, Edinburgh
  • Renfield St, Glasgow