Leeds Street Art Trail

Leeds is a city renowned for its art, from the extensive 20th century collections found at Leeds Art Gallery, through to the contemporary exhibitions that call The Tetley home.

In truth, there are so many great places across the city to experience art in all its forms, especially as you wander down our streets. Leeds has a rich street art history, with striking works such as Cornucopia and the Mabgate Mural popping up decades ago before street art became as popular as it is today.

Nowadays, striking street art provides a decorative backdrop for much of the city, creating an ever-growing web of distinctive pieces that tell the story of Leeds and its communities.

With striking street art to be found all over the city, be sure to wander and keep your eyes out the next time you are exploring our city. With an ever-growing collection of street art calling Leeds home, you never know where unusual and distinctive designs will pop up next.