Yorkshire Forced Rhubarb Forcing Shed Tours

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Castle Head Farm, Castlehead Lane, Lofthouse, Wakefield, WF3 3PD

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Yorkshire Forced Rhubarb Forcing Shed Tours

So what is this fascination with Rhubarb in Wakefield all about? Come and see for yourself by taking at tour at the Yorkshire Rhubarb Forcing Shed in Lofthouse. Discover some of the stories behind the mysterious Rhubarb Triangle and see the incredible sight of rhubarb growing indoors, in complete darkness and out of season. If you listen close enough you might just hear the rhubarb growing! Owner and self-declared ‘High Priestess of Rhubarb’, Janet Oldroyd Hulme will take you on a journey tracing the interesting history of rhubarb, starting from 2700BC right up to the present day. Learn how the pink vegetable became vital in medicine and discover how the forcing process was developed resulting in the delicious taste we all know and love today. You will then take a peek inside one of the dark forcing sheds. Watch your step the sheds are lit only by candlelight. Like what you’ve seen? Now’s your chance take home a tasty rhubarb souvenir. After the tour you can treat yourself to some Forced Yorkshire Rhubarb (like cheddar cheese, it has protected name status!) and a delicious range of rhubarb flavoured products. You can even buy a rhubarb root to have a go at forcing some rhubarb yourself in your own garden. Please allow approximately 1 hour 45 minutes for your visit. Although the whole visit takes place indoors, it is a working farm and warm outdoor clothing and sturdy footwear is advised. Tours usually run from January to March and must be booked in advance.