Leeds Landmark, The Queens, Suspended by Thousands of Balloons

1st May 2024

The Queens, one of Leeds’ most iconic landmark buildings, has stirred up excitement across the city with a surreal animated campaign celebrating its relaunch. The campaign, which is gaining traction on social media, showcases the hotel suspended by thousands of balloons, floating down into place at the heart of City Square.

Since 1937, The Queens has been the centrepiece of Leeds.  Now embracing the latest technology for a surrealist marketing campaign, the hotel is inviting the public to ‘Elevate their expectations’. The 20 second video showcases the hotel suspended by balloons floating down into Leeds City Square before landing in its place, symbolising its return to the forefront of luxury hospitality. This grand re-entrance onto City Square, reflects The Queens’ refreshed identity following a recent re-brand, successfully propelling the hotel back into the spotlight.

In 2023, Stockholm-based hotel property owner, Pandox acquired The Queens, adding it to its portfolio of 159 hotels spanning 12 countries. In collaboration with UK-based Axiom Hospitality, the acquisition has injected fresh energy into the hotel, while honouring its rich history and art deco heritage, preserved since its opening in 1937.

Alistair Campbell, General Manager of The Queens, shared his excitement about the recent animated campaign: “The unveiling of our rebrand through such a creative approach has resonated strongly with both our guests and the local community.

“This campaign not only refreshes our image but also reinforces our commitment to excellence and innovation in luxury hospitality. We’re thrilled with the engagement it has generated and we’re eager to move forward with our new chapter at The Queens.”

The rebrand underscores The Queens’ commitment to its location, history, and unparalleled service, setting it apart in a competitive market. Furthermore, the hotel is pioneering sustainability initiatives, with the introduction of an ESG Policy and operational changes aimed at reducing its environmental footprint.

As part of the campaign, there are several stunts happening in Leeds on Wednesday 1st May, including a balloon hand-out in City Square with the chance for members of the public to win a one night’s stay at the hotel. In-line with The Queens’ impressive ESG policy, all balloons used as part of the overall campaign are sustainable, made from natural latex, which is organic and fully biodegradable. All colours are derived from water-based pigments (not dyes) and are non-toxic.

The balloons can be responsibly disposed of by adding them to a compost heap, where they will biodegrade within a few months, or by adding them to general waste, where they will also break down safely over time.

As The Queens Hotel takes flight with its animated campaign, it not only redefines the boundaries of traditional marketing but also sets a new standard for innovation and creativity in the hospitality industry.

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