Hit brand Boojum bringing award-winning Burritos to Britain


Cult brand with #6 trending dish globally on Deliveroo opens first mainland UK venue in Leeds

9th February 2024

To celebrate they’re giving away free burritos for A YEAR!

Top rated Mexican eatery Boojum is all set to bring its fresh, high-quality, ‘live out loud food’ to Leeds Merrion Centre and to kick things off the award-winning brand is giving one lucky winner free burritos for a year. To find out more about the launch and to win simply click here

After amazing success on the island of Ireland, growing from one Belfast store back in 2007 to 15 today, the brand will open its very first mainland UK store in Leeds in April.

#6 trending dish on Deliveroo globally, number 1 Mexican

Boojum has developed a cult like following, rooted in fresh, natural food, generous portion sizes, bold, punchy flavours, all at an affordable price point.

The menu features burritos, bowls, nachos, tacos, chips and salsas all made fresh in store every day. Despite having only 15 stores, Boojum was recently recognised as having the 6th most trending dish on Deliveroo globally (number 1 in Mexican) and already has nearly 150,000 followers on social media.  “Quality and value are at the heart of Boojum. We work hard to ensure every burrito, in every store, is made to the same high standard every day. To do great things you have to love what you do. And we love what we do,” said Rob Powell, Head of Operations.

Boojum will offer a multi-channel experience with a loyalty scheme made available on the Boojum app and delivery available on all the major delivery platforms at launch.


Boojum stores are known to be energetic, diverse and welcoming with a vibrant atmosphere featuring eclectic playlists that keep people coming back. The new opening in Leeds Merrion Centre will create 40 new jobs. “People are at the heart of Boojum. Team members are encouraged to be genuine and express themselves – it’s what gives the Boojum brand a personality. We’re not afraid to be different, offering a unique personality in a market often focused on functionality. This really resonates with our core student customers” said Head of Marketing,  Paul McCullagh.

Beyond Leeds Merrion Centre, Boojum have big expansion plans. “Our goal is to spread the Boojum experience across the UK, bringing our unique blend of flavour and personality to 25 new stores over the next 5 years. Selecting Leeds for our first mainland store is no coincidence. The city’s bustling student life and reputation as a foodie paradise make it the perfect stage for us. We’re not just serving food; we’re creating experiences and we’re excited to blend our Belfast roots with the dynamic spirit of Leeds,” said David Maxwell, CEO of Boojum.


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