Theatre and wellness are fused together in new groundbreaking immersive show to give audiences a transformative experience during the festive season

7th November 2023

Wednesday – Sunday, 23 November – 23 December


72 Merrion St, Leeds LS2

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Innovative and interactive theatre company Riptide will take audiences on an immersive, therapeutic and positive journey with their original new show ‘Intermission’, a month long opportunity for audiences to pause and take time for themselves in the often manic festive season with tickets on sale now.


A striking sensory experience with nurture and mindfulness at its core, ‘Intermission’ combines immersive performance with spa-like relaxation. For the first time, ‘company to watch’ Riptide have collaborated with a cast of mental health professionals, trained masseuses and life coaches, integrating the science of care into this innovative show, to make sure that every audience member’s well-being is at the forefront of the holistic journey.


Alex Palmer, Artistic Director of Riptide, said: “We are making an experience which can be truly restorative for audiences. It is important to say that this is not therapy, we use the word ‘therapeutic’ in the widest possible sense. It is for everybody, a chance to reflect and reconnect. We want everyone to genuinely leave ‘Intermission’ feeling lighter and more relaxed, the sets themselves are tactile and beautiful; there’s even a session where the participant can enjoy their perfect cup of tea, a chance to take an intentional moment on your own, something we rarely get to do nowadays.”


Each individual member of the audience will have their own bespoke experience with the in person cast working alongside pioneering AI technology used to deliver personalised aspects to the piece. Audiences will be guided through a series of 10 eight-minute-long treatments one at a time in an array of different environments where they can explore different parts of their life. Treatments will include massage, virtual reality meditation, life coaching, sensory rituals and guided writing amongst others; gifting the audience with a calming space to self-reflect and unwind.


Palmer adds: “We want to harness AI and VR technology for good, creating genuinely meaningful experiences within the immersive theatre sector. We hope that ‘Intermission’ is just that, a welcome pause from the speed of an ever-faster world. It is a time to turn off, recuperate, but it also invites us all to question how we are living our lives and connecting with the people around us.”


“Are you ready to press pause? Well now you can, welcome to your Intermission”


Kindly funded by Arts Council England, Innovate UK and XR Stories


  • Venue Partner – Town Centre Securities PLC
  • VR Partner – Reflex Arc
  • AI Partner – Charisma AI
  • Other Partners & Supporters: Leeds Conservatoire, Centre for Loneliness Studies, University of Leeds, Mind, East St Arts, SAIL
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