The Donkey Sanctuary Leeds

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Swan Lane, Eccup, Leeds, LS16 8AZ
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The Donkey Sanctuary Leeds

Throughout the day, year round, we deliver our Donkey-Assisted Therapy (DAT) programme, which is specifically for vulnerable children and adults. Opening to the public in the late afternoon and weekends – when our sessions are not running – allows our team to be available to answer all of your questions and queries about our fantastic herd of donkeys, and the DAT work we deliver here with them.


Donkeys have an innate emotional intelligence that can help to develop the psycho-social and emotional skill set of humans. We allow our donkeys the freedom to work with our clients on the same level to develop an empathetic relationship, which is mutually beneficial for the client and donkey. One of the key aims of this programme is also to raise the status of the donkey to be recognised as a sentient, intelligent being, with a huge capacity to teach us about ourselves.


We also welcome visitors to the centre to find out more about what we do, and of course to say hello to our lovely donkeys. All the donkeys who help us deliver this service have either been rescued or otherwise surrendered to the charity, and rehabilitated at The Donkey Sanctuary in Devon, before joining us here in Leeds. To ensure the highest standards of safeguarding policy and procedures for our vulnerable clients, we have created designated visitor times outside of the programme sessions. This allows our team to be available to answer all of your questions and queries about our donkeys. Entry to the centre is free of charge, but as a charity we make no charges for any of the services we offer the community, so all donations are gratefully received.

During visiting hours donkeys may be found in the paddocks grazing or alternatively in the arena or stable areas, being groomed, fed, or playing with a ball or one of the other enrichment activities we offer our donkeys, when they are having some down time.