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7 Courthouse Street, Leeds, LS21 3AN
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Here’s the story (in a nutshell). We spent around a year searching for studio / writing space in or around Otley, West Yorkshire. Everything we looked at was either grubby and damp or massively expensive (or both). So a group of us thought, ‘why don’t we find a space and turn it into affordable studio and workspaces?’ So that’s what we did. Who are we?
Casey Orr – Photographer

Josh Sutton – Writer/Illustrator/Publisher (Red Fez Books)

Boff Whalley – Songwriter/Musician/Author & Playwright

Several months of painting, cleaning and building dividing walls later and the place was looking much better. That was around two years ago – we now have four studio spaces, a large storage area, a small kitchen and an upstairs room ready to hire out for classes/workshops.
The upstairs room dimensions are 9.5 metres x 7.5 metres. It has a PA, toilet and sink but is not wheelchair-accessible. We hold small, semi-regular music concerts and all sorts of exhibitions and events – basically, we put on stuff we like and stuff that we think others around here would like, too.