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Jo Malone

The World of Jo Malone built its foundation with an expert skin care philosophy and products packed full of effective, signature ingredients. The compilation of cleansers and moisturisers are all infused with delicious ingredients like avocado, sweet almond and jojoba oils. Today, the Skin Care Collection remains true to the original philosophy that caring for your skin is very personal.

By using the Jo Malone cleansers and moisturisers you can create a skin care regime to address your daily requirements and ensure your skin looks and feels healthy every day.

Skin is a living, breathing organ in its own right which benefits almost immediately from a little pampering and care. There is some truth in the expression ‘you are what you eat’ – the key is to eat well and in moderation. You do not need to say no to life’s little pleasures, like chocolate and wine, so balance a healthy diet with an occasional guilty pleasure. Try satisfying that sudden desire for sugar with just one or two squares of rich, dark chocolate and substitute an afternoon tea with a healthier anti-oxidising brew like green tea, or hot water infused with fresh mint.

Whether the daily shave is required to be quick, easy and comfortable, a cleanse to be effective and invigorating or a moisturiser to be reliable, the versatile products within the Jo Malone Skin Care Collection are ideal to address all his personal skin care needs.