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Colour Counterpoint

11th April 2024 - 13th April 2024

Contemporary Art Exhibition of work by artists Ruth Heaton and Ruth Glasheen.

Ruth Glasheen and Ruth Heaton work in different materials and media, including painting, sculpture, weave and installation, but share a common sensibility to interpret and explore the natural and human made landscape though chromatic and complex spatial abstractions. Their work is informed not only by their individual and collective experiences but also by the natural world, archaeology, architecture, the Anthropocene, and mapping of the land. They curate the work to explore the relationship not only with the space but also between each others work. Their intentions are also to provide a range of dynamics for the viewer to engage with.

Ruth Heaton
Ruth Heatons work interprets and explores the natural and human made landscape through chromatic and spatial abstractions. The transience of seeing and the endurance of memory are repeated themes in her practice. Her work explores painting as an expanded practice and complex repetitions of form and colour are the foundations of her making. Working from memory and photographs a sense of rhythm is created through the repetition of compositional structures, this is interrupted by an abstraction of form and colour, intentionally provoking a perceptual ambiguity.

She holds an MFA with distinction (2022) and her work is held in private and public collections. She has exhibited nationally and internationally and has had work in group exhibitions in London, Sheffield, Portsmouth, and Athens in 2023. In 2024 she had a solo exhibition in the North East. She is curator for a local community art gallery in Huddersfield.
Instagram @rutheheaton

Ruth Glasheen
The work of Ruth Glasheen focuses on the complexities of our visual understanding of the world around us. She is fascinated by images and shapes seen in the landscape, how we decipher them, what we take them to mean.

Glasheen explores themes of connotation, inference, and coded meaning that give rise to repetitions of colour and form. Acts of reinterpretation engage her in the studio, taking the form of site-specific interventions, sculptural objects, and installations.

Through an active engagement with a particular landscape – its archaeology, surface patterns and atmosphere – a physical and imagined sense of place is triggered.

Ruth Glasheen has an MFA with distinction (2022). She has exhibited widely including in London,-Saatchi Gallery, and Copeland Gallery; Sussex, Aspex Portsmouth, Jack House Gallery Portsmouth, and West Dean Gardens, and Sheffield-Gage Gallery. She was also shortlisted for New contemporaries 2022.

Instagram @ruth.glasheen

Bar 6pm-10pm, 11th and 12th April .