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The Useless Hotline

15th May 2024

In November 2022, Max Balegde launched The Useless Hotline podcast with George Clarke and, in its first week, it jumped to Number 1 in the Spotify charts. In their new career at a hotline service, they help callers by providing advice for their ridiculous queries. No topics are off limits and, together, no matter how bizarre the situation, the boys will try to point you in the right-ish direction (or not, in some cases).

Max Balegde is a 24-year-old content creator from a small northern town, now living in London. After downloading TikTok in January 2020 he quickly realised he had a passion and talent for hosting, interviewing and presenting as well as creating many hilarious viral videos.

George Clarke is a 23-year-old content creator from Bristol. He originated on TikTok, but is now also active on YouTube and the podcast space.