Boardgames Night at Archive

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94 Kirkstall Road, Leeds, LS3 1HD


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Boardgames Night at Archive

8th February 2024 - 5th December 2024

Get the gang together or come down on your own. Ann from Cards or Die will be there to teach and recommend games and get people playing together.

Cards or Die has a collection of over 500 games and we always bring a massive selection along so there is something for all ages, interests and moods from modern classics to retro favourites. So whether you are a massive board games fun or you just want a fun evening – I’ve got the perfect game for you.

Some of our Wednesdays now have D&D with Kyle. You can book your place for that over on Facebook. It’s suitable for complete beginners – Kyle will create a character for you and guide you through the game. Please get in touch if you have any questions.

And if you haven’t had an Archive pizza you are missing out! Rectify that on the next Thursday boardgames night!