The Ballad of the Underwater Daughter

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Leeds Inspired

The Ballad of the Underwater Daughter

26th April 2024

Unhinged puppetry for adults and ages 14+

Somewhere out there, in the murky no-man’s-land between reality and “are you pulling my leg?” there’s a mechanical island inhabited entirely by dads.

Bodged together out of mangled metal and broken dreams, dad island is a flawed coping mechanism that barely manages to hold itself together. Then one stormy night, a tiny barnacle encrusted bottle floats into the harbour with a crumpled note inside which reads, “remember me?”

The Ballad of the Underwater Daughter is a strange sort of odyssey. A woozy universe of messy minds and monstrously fishy metaphors. 

Overloaded with puppets, props and machines, it is unquestionably the latest production from Leeds’ own theOBJECTproject.

The show is suitable for adults and people aged 14+. It contains very strong language and exploding dads.

1hr 15 mins performance plus an additional 30 mins post show exhibition.

Written, designed and constructed by Mr Marc Parrett

Additional material created by Tash Hudson and Frances Merriman