Northern Indian spice odyssey

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Northern Indian spice odyssey

27th April 2024

This immersive experience transports you to the aromatic world of Northern Indian cuisine, using the fragrant spices of the Himalayas, to the deep and rich curries of Punjab to craft authentic dishes that celebrate the diversity of the region.

Workshop Roadmap

* Aloo gobi (Potato & cauliflower curry) – Cauliflower & potato star in this amazingly spice rich curry.
* Chapati – A simple but delicious accompaniment to curry.
* Dum biryani (Spiced chicken biryani) – A beautiful basmati rice dish in which the rice absorbs all the magnificent flavours of this North Indian dish.
* Malai kofta (crispy paneer dumplings) – Creamy dumpling married with a rich tomato based sauce.
* Andey ki curry (Egg curry) – A comforting generously spiced egg curry. Robust tomato curry meets silky eggs ready to be mopped up with a chapati.