Treasure Hunt Leeds – Arcades and Alleyways

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Treasure Hunt Leeds – Arcades and Alleyways

25th May 2022 - 31st December 2027

Turn today into an adventure with Treasure Hunt Leeds. Discover the city together by solving clues, scouring the city and following treasure maps.

You’ll discover the gorgeous Victorian arcades, a peaceful green square, the magnificent Corn Exchange and the famous Kirkgate market. Avoid the noisy streets and explore the quieter, car-free bits, passing plenty of cool things as you go! Treasure Hunt Leeds will take you on a beautiful route.

Spot things you wouldn’t normally notice, like the fun art project with its messages hidden in plain sight.

Everything’s at your own pace. Fancy ambling around the shops in the arcades Enjoy! Look out for some of Leed’s great independent cafes and pubs too, there’s no rush.