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Double Bill

12th July 2024

One Woman Wrestling Invites…
by Lisa Kendall

Lisa has realised that 33 years of dancing, practicing, making, performing and being are in danger of becoming wedged, stuck inside her.

One Woman Wrestling Invites… invites you to be with Lisa, and dance pals Leen and Rachel, as they navigate the transient energies of this critical impasse, wrestling with what was there and what is now, reflecting as they dance, upon the facts and fictions of living.

In collaboration with her performing pals, Lisa curates an episode of dancing that aims to set free what is and perhaps what could be. The richness of life is not over….

by Susan Kempster

How can the dynamic of a mature woman and a young man avoid the narrative of a mother and son?  When do we notice a 30-year age difference? What happens as our perception of different bodies is swapped and altered?

Mother is an intergenerational duet posing the question ‘who are we to each other?’ In her latest work, acclaimed choreographer, Susan Kempster delicately challenges our assumptions about different bodies to explore humanness, intimacy and grief over paths not taken.

About Ageless Festival
This is a Pay What You Can event as part of Yorkshire Dance’s Ageless Festival 12-13 July 2024. Taking place at Yorkshire Dance, Leeds City College and Leeds Art Gallery, this two-day festival reimagines age through dance.