Jane Weaver

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33 Queen's Road, Burley, Leeds, LS6 1NY


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Jane Weaver

18th April 2024

Throughout her career, English singer/songwriter, musician, producer, and label owner Jane Weaver has explored many different styles and approaches, never staying too long in any one spot while showing mastery of each one she attempts. Following Brit-pop beginnings with the group Kill Laura and indie folk explorations with Misty Dixon, as a solo artist Weaver traveled from folktronica sounds in the early 2000s to rich British folk on her 2007 album Cherlokalate, then quirky and strange psych weirdness with collaborators like Wendy & Bonnie and Susan Christie. In the mid-2010s, she fully embraced synthesizers and began making dreamlike and airy pop that was influenced by Italian synth pioneers and art rock from Germany. 2014’s The Silver Globe introduced the stylistic shift and 2017’s Modern Kosmology perfected it, while 2021’s Flock expanded it while adding funk and ’90s alternative sounds. No matter the setting or style, Weaver’s heartfelt singing and trenchant songcraft come through strongly on every release.