Leeds Film Night

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73 Brudenell Road, Headingley, Leeds, LS6 1JD


Leeds Inspired

Leeds Film Night

20th June 2024

An evening dedicated to independent cinema, showcasing films and filmmakers from the Leeds City Region on the big screen, complemented by networking opportunities.

Leeds Film Night provides a stage for celebrating independent films and filmmakers from the Leeds City Region, where captivating stories will unfold on the big screen. We firmly believe that independent films have the potential to achieve commercial success when they are made accessible to their intended audience. That’s why we’re excited to spotlight the works of visionary filmmakers, each bringing a distinct perspective that resonates deeply with our diverse communities.

Like any other industry, the film industry relies on strategic partnerships to thrive. Beyond simply screening films, our event serves as a unique opportunity for local filmmakers to not only showcase their creations in a cinematic environment but also to foster valuable connections with businesses, cultural and arts organisations, as well as interested sponsors or donors. If you’re a local business, partnering with emerging filmmakers aiming for the BAFTAs offers you a chance to enhance your brand’s presence on the big screen as well as promising a creative connection with potential new customers in the live audience.

Leeds Film Night is produced by Suman Hanif of Pageful Productions.